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Film review: Comic Book Confidential

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"Comic Book Confidential" is a delightful little documentary on just what the title implies, comic books. The history, the structure, the different types - from mainstream to underground - are explored in a highly entertaining manner.

And if you've always wondered what some of the artists who turn them out are like, the answer is here. There are even lengthy passages with artists reading from their own work as we are shown the story panel by panel.

Robert Crumb ("Keep On Truckin' "), Stan Lee ("Spider-Man"), Frank Miller ("The Dark Knight"), Bill Griffith ("Zippy the Pinhead") and many others are interviewed and their work shown.

If you're looking for depth or probing insights, you'll want to look elsewhere. But "Comic Book Confidential" does provide a highly entertaining overview of its subject, and fans should be pleased in general.