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To the editor:

I would like readers to decide which of the following scenarios is truly the more immoral.(1) An adult citizen will be able to decide, using his own free agency, whether or not to purchase a $1 lottery ticket, knowing that 50 cents of that dollar will find its way to the state tax coffers, while the other 50 cents will be pooled together into a cash prize fund that will be randomly divided among some lucky, average citizens who have decided they could afford to risk $1.

(2) Every taxpaying Utahn shall be compelled to participate in gambling regardless of any individual preference. He or she will have collected from them X-amount of dollars to be pooled in a single $500 million wager. This wager shall be placed, by some so-called representatives of the taxpayers, on a one-time roll of the dice.

Even though the entire loss of the principal and then some is possible, the salvaging of between 5 and 10 percent of the original wager is considered a successful bet! The winnings would be divided among a small predetermined group of benefactors.

If gambling in any form is such an evil and terrible ill, who would push for an Olympic bid in Utah? Only those select few who would be the ones to benefit financially, and not be stung were they to lose the bet!

Guy Holm

Salt Lake City