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A man who has pleaded guilty to charges of poaching wild animals kept a ledger that shows he netted about $600,000 from the illegal slaughter of hundreds of animals, including bald eagles, officials said.

The ledger taken from the home of Ralph J. Jackson in Sequim indicates he poached at least 25 bald eagles and hundreds of other wild animals, Ron Perregrin of the state Department of Wildlife said Friday.Jackson, 38, was charged with poaching 13 elk in late September after an anonymous caller told officials Jackson had an illegally obtained polar bear skin, Perregrin said.

Investigators never found the polar bear skin, but they discovered illegally obtained elk and deer, and the ledger, Perregrin said.

Sales listed in the ledger over 31/2 years include 25 eagles sold for $512,650, 135 elk for $28,500, 286 deer for $24,270, 18 native cats for $15,150, 12 seals for $14,500 and nine hawks for $2,775.

The ledger also listed purchasers and the investigation continues, Perregrin said.

Federal authorities arrested Jackson in October after he threatened the lives of a witness in the eagle transactions and several investigating officers and their families, Perregrin said.

The department has talked to many local people who knew Jackson was a poacher, Per-regrin said. But no one knew the extent of his activities and just assumed he took a deer or two for dinner for the family. Records indicate Jackson was receiving public assistance.

Jackson pleaded guilty in Clallam and Jefferson counties to poaching charges and was sentenced to up to 24 years in prison, Perre-grin said.