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President Bush said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he is not "overly concerned about inflation" and opposes a tightening of credit by the Federal Reserve Board. Bush also reiterated his assertion that he and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan are not "far apart" in their views. Asked to respond to Friday's government report of increased producer prices and to the expectation that the Fed will tighten credit to combat inflation, Bush told the newspaper, "I would simply say that I don't think the Fed chairman and I are far apart on all this. I haven't seen any indication of it. Putting it in my terms, though, I have not been overly concerned about inflation," he declared. "I did not like those numbers, but I've also been dealing with these numbers long enough to know that there's an anomaly." Asked, then, if it would be a mistake to tighten credit, Bush replied, "Well, I wouldn't like to see that now."