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Aspiring young photographers circle April 21 on your calendars!

That's the date by which those of you who want a chance to attend this year'sEddie Adams Workshop must submit your applications, according to Brent Petersen,picture editor at Parade magazine and director of the workshop. Applications will be judged May 20.As regular readers of this column know, the Eddie Adams Workshop is a four-day program for gifted young photographers held at Adams' farm in Jeffersonville, N.Y. The workshop gives its participants - who are selected solely on the basis of talent - the opportunity to work with and learn from photographers, picture editors, art directors, publishers and the like, all from among photojournalism's elite.

Applicants should send a portfolio consisting of no more than 20 mounted, 35mm transparencies, displayed in a single slide storage sheet and accompanied by identifying captions. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's photography instructor or picture editor must also be included.

Applications should be sent to: The Eddie Adams Workshop II, P.O. Box 4182, Grand Central Station, New York NY 10163. Applications that do not include a letter of recommendation will not be considered.

The workshop is tuition-free, but winners are responsible for their transportation to and from the workshop, and for their room and board. (A local motel offers reasonable group rates.)

The first workshop, sponsored by Eastman Kodak, was held last October. Faculty, staff and students called it a rousing success. So enthusiastic was their response that Adams was inspired to promise to find a way to do it again.

The upcoming workshop is once again made possible through sponsorship from Kodak, joined this year by Nikon.

"This is a tremendous learning and sharing experience," said Raymond DeMoulin, vice president and general manager of Kodak's Professional Photography Division. "Kodak is proud to offer its support."

Richard LoPinto, division manager of marketing for Photo Group, Nikon Inc., also expressed his company's pride in lending its support to the project and added: "The workshop adds an important dimension to the education and training of the young professionals and students who will participate."

The upcoming workshop will include a number of lectures and demonstrations, plus actual shooting sessions.

Students will be divided into 10 teams, each headed by a noted photographer and picture editor. Each team will be given an assignment to be completed by workshop's end. Their completed picture stories will be presented to the faculty, and major magazines and picture agencies will award assignments and internships to program participants.

Some of the awards presented at last year's workshop included photo assignments from National Geographic, Time, Life, Newsweek and Parade; internships at The Associated Press and Sygma; and a shooter's spot on the team working on the Collins book "A Day in the Life of China."

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, so don't wait - you photojournalists of the future, get on the ball and get your applications in now!

Good luck!