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A Bountiful retirement center has agreed to settle a sex-discrimination suit filed by the federal government.

Bonneville Estates, doing business as Heritage Place, did not admit any of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's claims but agreed to give $1,122 in back pay to Catherine Gibson and to expunge any negative inferences from her personnel file concerning her civil rights complaint against the company.Heritage Place also agreed to provide training aimed at eliminating sex discrimination and to post a notice to all employees about the illegality of sex discrimination.

The commission filed the suit on Feb. 8, 1988, claiming that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 were violated. It said Heritage Place discriminated against Gibson and nine other women employees by denying them equal employment conditions.

Six women worked as night attendants, but Heritage Place paid women night attendants less than a man employee who did the same work, the suit said. The commission also said that Heritage Place failed to pay women cooks as much as men cooks.

The commission said that Heritage Place subjected Janita Livingston to such intolerable working conditions that she was forced to resign as a housekeeper.

In the settlement, both parties agreed that before the suit was filed, Heritage Place asked the commission about the amount of back wages claimed and paid all nine women. Another action before the filing was that Heritage Place equalized pay for cooks and night attendants.