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Starting one's own construction business or getting ready for a date generally have little in common. That wasn't the case Saturday in Salt Lake City, however, at least according to police reports involving shoplifting cases.

According to reports, a 44-year-old man entered a department store and came close to getting away with a circular saw, a power drill, a router, a 16-ounce hammer, an electric circuit tester, several drill bits, an extender bar for a socket wrench and a file box for computer discs. The man made one trip too many, however, and was observed by a store security man leaving without paying for the file box and saw. The man was stopped in the store parking lot, where he agreed to let the security guard check his vehicle. The guard then found the rest of the merchandise. All totaled, the man had walked out with goods valued at $382.50 before being caught.In another case, a 53-year-old man could have been preparing for a date considering what he tried to take. A police report said the man was observed walking through the store putting various items in both inside and outside pockets of his parka. The items included a pair of dress pants, musk cologne, and two pairs of socks. A search of the man also turned up a package of cough drops, a soft drink and a pair of toenail scissors. The man even stopped to chat with two store employees before walking out without paying. He was confronted in the parking lot.

An 11-year-old boy's sweet tooth apparently got the best of him. He was arrested at a convenience store after stuffing a nylon duffle bag with some $22 worth of candy and gum. He told police he was stealing candy because some of his friends had been successful in the past.

At another store, a 20-year-old woman apparently was having a hard time choosing a shade of lipstick. She was observed opening more than 20 tubes of lipstick and trying each. She didn't try to leave the store with any of them, but because the tubes were rendered unsalable, she was charged with shoplifting.

Other shoplifting reports included the theft of a "Big Gulp" soda pop and a hamburger at one convenience store, a package of pork chops at a supermarket and a bottle of pain medication at another supermarket. At another grocery store, a 22-year-old woman walked out eating a donut and carrying a 12-pack of beer for which she had not paid.