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Police and Roy High School officials Tuesday were continuing an investigation into the showing last Thursday of a sexually explicit videotape to an electronics class at the school.

A 16-year-old student who obtained the film - described as several short professionally produced segments with suggestive titles - has been referred to the Weber School District. The student will be suspended from school and will receive counseling, Roy High Principal Jan Parrish said Tuesday.And Roy Police and the Ogden-Weber Area Vocational Center were still trying to contact a vocational center substitute teacher, Jeffrey L. Edwards, 26, Ogden, in connection with the incident. Roy Police Detective Ken Johnson is handling the investigation, but could not reached by telephone.

Parrish said the movie, which was confiscated by Roy Police, was shown to about 15 students, mostly 12th-graders, during about the last 10 minutes of the electronics class. Another movie planned for the class was shown during the first 45 minutes of the class.

Parrish said she had interviewed several students, "all of whom told me the substitute teacher put the video in the machine and fast-forwarded it." The principal said the student, an 11th-grader who obtained the movie, told her that he brought the film in before the 12:30 p.m class began, left it with the teacher and returned to lunch.

Parrish said she had interviewed the student. "He and his parents were very cooperative. He has never been in trouble before. I am still checking to determine where he obtained the tape."

Parrish said she has been unable to interview the substitute teacher.

"The teacher should have confiscated the film and brought it and the kid to the office," said Parrish, a principal for just over a year at Roy High.

The Deseret News tried unsucessfully Tuesday to contact Edwards. In an Associated Press story about the incident, however, Edwards denied previewing the video. He said he was sitting at a desk behind a television monitor and that when he heard the students laughing he discovered they were watching a pornographic movie.

Edwards' sister, Holly, told the Deseret News that Edwards left Ogden Monday to look for work in Arizona. She said her brother is very upset about the incident.

"He did not preview the movie. He told the kids to turn the video off. When the kid (who obtained the movie) said he was responsible and would not turn it off, Jeff said, `OK, if that is what you want to watch, OK' and walked out of the room."