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Since the New Year's Eve dike break, much of the damage to the Quail Creek reservoir has been repaired, making it more accessible to boaters and campers, says Jerry Miller, state parks director. The boat ramp that was broken by the ravaging waters has been extended. While phones and electricity (and flushing toilets) are still unavailable at campsites, many Utahns are enjoying camping without these amenities, Miller said. Although the reservoir is only one-third the size it was before the dike broke, fishing is "reasonably good." Utah Division of Parks and Recreation employees have placed buoys to mark an island in the middle of the lake where water is shallow to protect boaters. Pointing to a bright side of the Jan. 1 disaster, Miller said fascinating rock formations can now be seen. Also, he says facetiously, there is a lot more beach - albeit muddy beach - because the water is so low. Miller encourages outdoor enthusiasts to visit Quail Creek, which has gained the reputation as one of Utah's most popular recre-ation spots.