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Water skiing on the Great Salt Lake is still a possibility.

A proposal to spend $200,000 to study how to best develop a fresh-water lake on the east shores of the Great Salt Lake survived a fierce floor battle in the House Monday and now goes to the Senate.Rep. Stan Smedley, R-Bountiful, argued that Lake Wasatch would provide a wide array of economic, recreational and aesthetic benefits to the state. "It would enhance flood control. It would enhance the lifestyle around the lake. It would redeem property around the lake. It would enhance tourism and it would enhance wildlife," Smedley said.

Opponents, however, argued that Lake Wasatch is a waste of money, and that a promised economic boom just won't happen. After all, it never happened when Willard Bay - a fresh water lake in Box Elder County - was created.

"I don't see any condominiums there. I don't see any housing developments there. I don't see any major developments of any kind," said Rep. Allan Rushton, D-West Valley.

The bill passed by a 39-34 margin.