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There may be a transportation system in Logan's future despite last November's defeat of a Utah Transit Authority proposal to provide bus service in Cache County, the mayor says.

Mayor Newell Daines told the Municipal Council Friday that an analysis of the election result showed the only economic justification for the UTA plan was within city limits.The unsuccessful UTA proposal called for a quarter-cent sales tax increase that would have helped fund bus service through the city, from Logan to Salt Lake City, and between Logan and several outlying communities.

Daines said Cache Valley Limousine, a new company started by several Utah State University graduates, recently purchased Key Limousine service.

"They plan to double the accessibility of that service, and before long we'll have about eight round trips to Salt Lake City each day, at prices much lower than the previous owners charged," he said. "The company also wants to get involved in an inner-city transportation system."

A task force is being formed to explore such a service, and Daines said he will recommend the city subsidize a portion of the cost.

He said the UTA plan would have generated about $650,000 from Logan residents through the increased sales tax.

"We might want to consider a 11/2 percent increase in electrical rates, which would bring in approximately $200,000 and with that amount, we could probably buy all the benefits UTA would have brought," Daines said.

The mayor said he had met with leaders of Options for Independent Living, which serves handicapped people in the area, and learned of their serious transportation needs.

He said some federal funding is available for equipment.

"We may begin with a good radio system and a van on call to serve our handicapped people," Daines said.

USU already has obtained a grant that will provide at least two buses to serve the campus, and Daines said the city will work closely with school officials to link the two systems.

"We may have a package ready to look at before the new budget year begins on July 1," he said.