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A $4,500 bid to develop a conceptual guide for developing the city's 33-acre park and recreation complex was approved Tuesday night by the City Council.

The council approved the bid by Allred, Soffe & Tuttle, a Salt Lake landscaping and architectural firm, on the recommendation of the city's parks and recreation committee.Committee members spent more than three hours in a recent meeting, interviewing and hearing presentations from competing companies.

Committee member Lynn Reddington said his group split on their recommendation but finally voted to endorse the firm on its promise of future planning services for an additional $10,000.

Centerville last fall purchased a 23-acre parcel of property along the frontage road north of Chase Lane Village, adding it to 10 acres the city already owned there, to develop a central park and recrea-tion complex.

The city is negotiating a sale of the park and municipal complex ground it owns along Parrish Lane, anticipating the construction of a new municipal building as well.

The parks and recreation committee has been working with residents, athletic associations, and sports-interest groups to determine how the 33 acres should be developed.

Reddington said the concept will only be an overview of how the ground should be developed.

On approval of the concept, the city can then proceed with detailed development plans, contracting with the firm to draft engineering, sprinkling, irrigation, landscaping and other plans for the $10,000 price the firm guaranteed, Reddington told the council.

Reddington said the firm also promised to structure the plans so the city can develop the complex in stages and use volunteer labor. Members of the soccer, baseball and other athletic associations have promised volunteer labor and other aid, Reddington said, because of their need for more playing fields in Davis County.

The city also has federal grant money available for developing the park, Mayor Dean Argyle said.