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Here are brief sketches of the Americans who were among the nine passengers blown out of a United Airlines Flight 811 shortly after it left Honolulu.

***** Susan and Harry Craig of Morristown, N.J., were on their way to New Zealand for a vacation, said their daughter Carolyn Craig. "It was like a second honeymoon for them," she said. The couple had been married 23 years.Craig, 42, and his wife, 41, were managers for AT&T

***** Mary T. Handley, 61, of Bay City, Mich., planned to vacation in New Zealand before a convention of the Dale Carnegie Systems, said her husband, John Desso.

She owned Handley and Associates Inc., which offered the Dale Carnegie motivational course. She had six grown children.

"She was just a beautiful woman," said Bangor Township Supervisor C. Joseph Carland, who took a Dale Carnegie course and later lectured at her program.

She was traveling with Rose Harley, another missing passenger.

***** Rose Harley of Hackensack, N.J., was taking a business and pleasure trip to New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines, said her cousin, Ina Martin of Conway, Ark.

Harley, a native of Paris, Ark., was founder of Rose Harley Institute in Hackensack, which sponsored the Dale Carnegie motivational courses in northern New Jersey.

Marie Koch, of Paris, Ark., remembered her cousin as possessing an exuberant personality, "and it really showed in her attitude."

***** Anthony Fallon, 49, a Chevron oil executive, was going to Australia on a two-week business trip. His wife, Barbara, had decided to go along.

"They were so fun-loving, and the kind of neighbors you could count on," said Norma Barber, a neighbor in Long Beach, Calif.

The Fallons were active in community events and often spent their leisure time sailing, friends said.

Mrs. Fallon, 48, an art major in college, was involved in the local arts and volunteered for the Long Beach Art Museum.

***** Others missing include: Lee Campbell of Wellington, New Zealand; Dr. John Michael Crawford of Sydney, Australia; and John Swann also of Sydney.