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Salt Lake County sheriff's search-and-rescue crews Saturday were seeking clues in the apparent death of a free-lance writer. Authorities believe the man's legs were those found in a garbage can behind a suburban supermarket.

"And at this time we're diligently trying to find the vehicle," Sheriff Pete Hayward said. "We had all of our search-and-rescue units and our deployment out looking for the car" that belongs to Larry Duane White.The vehicle is a 1972 Oldsmobile Royal, with Utah plates 552-BEH.

"We're still doing a neighborhood search of the Avenues, doing a search of the county," for the vehicle. Utah police agencies received word to watch for the car, but "don't bother it. Call us," Hayward said.

"When this hit the news, an elderly fellow up on the Avenues called and said his son was missing since Tuesday afternoon," the sheriff said.

Matches were made of the clothing found in the trash can at Smith's, 851 E. 45th South, and the man's father identified a pair of glasses as White's.

The legs were sent to the FBI lab back East "to see what kind of tool was used to cut the flesh," he said.

Investigators also will use the latest addition in crime detection - DNA fingerprinting. The genetic material that makes each person unique can be used to eliminate possibilities in identification. The technique, considered highly accurate despite its newness, has been used in paternity suits and rape and murder cases.

"We'll use the DNA on the blood and, of course, we will have information from fingerprints on the bag and tapes" found in the trash can, Hayward said.