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Citing a dearth of substitute teachers, the Davis School Board has approved a policy that lowers educational requirements for substitutes.

At a meeting this week at Viewmont High School the board voted to accept substitute teachers if they have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Previously, the district had required all substitutes to have at least 90 quarter hours of college credit.Personnel Director Mel Miles reported on the difficulty of finding substitute teachers mainly because "we have the lowest pay for substitutes in this area, only $25 per day." Miles recommended that if a school is unable to find a substitute from the approved district list, school administrators could find their own.

"All substitute teachers must have a least a high school diploma or GED," he said.

Steven Ronnenkamp, assistant superintendent, said the district pays substitutes with teacher certification $35 a day and those without certification just $25 a day. Some school districts pay as much as $45 a day, he said.

Substitute teachers living in the far north and south ends of the county have been attracted to school districts in Weber and Salt Lake areas, respectively, he said.

Board Member Louenda Downs said that many fine substitute teachers were dropped from the approved list when the board added the college-credit standards. She said that was unfair to those who may have fewer than 90 credit hours in teacher-related training as compared to those with the required amount of training in other areas.

The new policy comes in the wake of news that a substitute teacher at Roy High School allowed students to watch an X-rated video in an electronics class. Ronnenkamp said that Davis district substitutes have been monitored and any new ones would also be under scrutiny.

The new policy says, "When schools must use substitute teachers not appearing on the approved list, they should monitor the substitutes' teaching performance to ensure that an adequate job is being done. Any substitute teacher who does not perform satisfactorily should not be re-employed."