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Boston Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs, whose mentality has been scrutinized since an extramarital affair was exposed last June, Saturday questioned the mentality of the media.

"I don't read the papers anymore," Boggs said after a spring training workout. "I couldn't tell you what's happening in the world because I'm tired of seeing my face all over the news."The five-time American League batting champion's four-year affair with Margo Adams has been the hottest topic of spring training. Adams, who is suing Boggs in California, is also chronicling her version of the affair in Penthouse magazine.

"She's using you all," Boggs told a small group of writers. "Everyone asks me when I think this is going to die. I have no idea. I guess it'll die when you guys quit writing about it."

Boggs insists the first part of Adams' two-part Penthouse interview, which was released Tuesday, was overblown in the media.

"It was a big letdown when it came out," said Boggs. "The media was expecting me to walk out with blood all over my uniform and black eyes and shouting matches and listening through doors and waiting for people to yell at each other . . . none of that happened. Business went on as usual.

"The media built it up for two weeks, saying we're going to have a big barn-burner here and we're going to have fist fights and `Trade him before any of this happens' and then nothing happened.

"It's very calm and collective around here. There isn't anything. These guys (teammates) understand the situation. They know what's going on, we're grown men.

"Unfortunately, they got drug in on my mess. But I've apologized to everyone. Life goes on and here we are."