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SB185 (Cornaby) - Details and clarifies powers of state-chartered financial institutions.SB186 (Nielsen) - Creates licensing boards for contractors, plumbers and electricians.

SB187 (McAllister) - Creates an adoption task force.

SB188 (Nielsen) - Allows antique license plates on certain cars.

SB189 (Finlinson) - Creates an underground storage fund to help with the replacement of hundreds of old tanks.

SB190 (C.A. Peterson) - Creates uniform building standards.

SB191 (Richards) - Makes confidential the reports on the abuse of disabled or elderly people.

SB192 (Barton) - Creates a state nursery advisory committee.

SB193 (Finlinson) - Provides guidelines for lease transactions.

SB194 (C.E. Peterson) - Requires licensing and bonding of car body shops.

SB195 (C.E. Peterson) - Allows a non-resident student to get a permit instead of registering his car in Utah.

SB196 (Holmgren) - Exempts the appointment of the State Training School superintendent from the health facility administrator act.

SR6 (Carling) - Commends Senate interns for their service during the session.

SJR12 (Hillyard) - Asks the State Tax Commission to study the taxation of telecommunication services.


HB281 (Hull) - Requires local school boards to include an individual's total teaching experience in the state's public schools if the experience is a factor in contract negotiations.

HB282 (Hunter) - Clarifies ballot procedures for party caucuses and the responsibility for expenses of party caucuses and conventions.

HB283 (Valentine) - Clarifies the court's power with respect to certain interstate property.

HB284 (Valentine) - Implements a uniform version of the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act.

HB285 (Bradshaw) - Amends provisions regarding jurisdiction of certain courts over juvenile traffic offenses.

HB286 (Moody) - Amends the "one action" rule for foreclosure proceedings.

HB287 (Jones) - Modifies the requirements for the listing of subcontractors for bids on public construction projects.

HB288 (Davis) - Provides for grants to be made by the Department of Health for the training of nurse practitioners and professional nurses.

HB289 (Slack) - Creates registration and financial disclosure requirements for entities involved in supporting or opposing ballot propositions.

HB290 (Milner) - Allows the Division of Social Services to the Handicapped to retain appropriations for specified uses.

HB291 (Holt) - Imposes a state transient room tax to be used for travel and tourism development.

HB292 (Dmitrich) - Allows special service districts to issues bonds secured by federal mineral lease payments to be used to build and maintain roads.

HB293 (Evans) - Provides that emergency medical service provider agencies may use specified funds for maintenance of EMS equipment.

HB294 (Jensen) - Amends certain time periods and other procedures regarding child abuse protective orders.

HB295 (Holt) - Provides that a non-custodial parent is entitled to information regarding the location of the children, to allow the parent to exercise a right of visitation and provides that the Office of Recovery Services Act as agent for service of process on a custodial parent under certain circumstances.

HB297 (Burningham) - Requires the establishment of a non-partisan reapportionment commission and provides guidelines and review of a reapportionment plan.

HCR9 (Yardley) - Opposes attempts by the National Park Service to classify Zion National Park top side view points as wilderness areas.

HCR10 (Burningham) - Expresses support for the extension by Congress of the Dec. 31, 1989, sunset date for issuance of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds for single-family housing.

HJR22 (Burningham) - Recommends the State and Local Affairs Interim Committee study the feasibility of adopting a proposal for a controller general at the state level with a controller in each department.

HJR23 (Atkinson) - Commends Robert B. Hilbert for his contributions to the people of the state of Utah.

HJR25 (Rushton) - Expresses concern over the disparity in airline fares charges by air carriers in and out of Salt Lake International Airport.