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A U.S.-Soviet public opinion poll has found good will among residents of Moscow and four American cities, despite fears over their nations' longstanding rivalry.

Majorities in Moscow and in the U.S. cities saw the superpowers as friendly, the survey found, and more than eight in 10 agreed the two nations were entering "a new era of peace and cooperation."At the same time, nearly four in 10 Muscovites saw the United States as a serious threat to their nation, and as many or more of the Americans saw the Soviets as a threat to the United States, the survey found.

The poll was sponsored by WCVB-TV in Boston, the Detroit Free Press, the Daily News and WCBS television and radio in New York, and KRON-TV in San Francisco. It was conducted by telephone Dec. 15-25 among approximately 1,000 adults each in Moscow and New York and about 600 each in Boston, Detroit and San Francisco. It had a 3-point margin of error for the larger samples, 4 for the smaller ones. The results were published last week.