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Amid the sound of banging lockers, two Centennial High School boys are making a dope deal.

"Hey, how's it going?" the tall boy in a letterman's jacket says.His leather jacket-clad classmate replies: "Hey, I've got something you want. Check it out."

He scans the hallway before passing a marijuana joint.

This scene, soon to be shown on television as a public service announcement, was taped by the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement's video section.

Besides the teens, played by Paul Hroma, 17, and Rob Aman, 16, Law Enforcement Department Director Mack Richardson plays himself.

"This year, as you prepare your Idaho taxes, remember, a few dollars today may stop drugs from reaching your kids tomorrow," Richardson says.

The PSA, filmed at Centennial, is designed to inform taxpayers about a check block on the state income-tax form to donate money to the state's Drug Enforcement Account to train and equip officers, as well as promote drug awareness programs.

In addition to that film, the section has produced eight videos in the past two years. The state has had the capability of making such shows since the early 1980s, but a $100,000 federal grant has allowed more and better-quality tapes to be made, said Rick Owens, manager of the video section.

The tape that helped land the grant is titled, "The Idaho Multiple Commercial Driver's License Check."

Officials said some truckers obtain driver's licenses from several states to hide bad driving records. Shortly after the federal government passed a law against drivers holding more than one license, Idaho became one of the first states to enforce it.