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HB301 (Rushton) - Eliminates provisions differentiating between alien and resident dependents of deceased workers.

HB302 (Harward) - Creates a task force to study issues and develop legislation pertaining to information practices.

HB303 (LeBaron) - Exempts certain types of motorcycles from owner's security requirements.

HB304 (Fawson) - Creates a private investigator licensing board and requires the licensing of all private investigators.

HB305 (Rushton) - Provides for the award of attorneys fees where the attorneys have generated additional benefits for an injured worker.

HB306 (Young) - Allows paramutuel horse racing and creates a regulatory structure to govern the racing.

HB307 (Wilson) - Makes changes in procedures for the judicial review of decisions of the state engineer.

HB308 (Wilson) - Exempts municipalities from having to obtain the approval of the state engineer for a change in use of any of its water rights.

HB309 (Wilson) - Provides that a municipality may not lose a water right solely through non-use.

HB310 (Wilson) - Allows the dismissal of board members of metropolitan water districts.

HB311 (Karras) - Changes the name of the Department of Business Regulation to the Department of Commerce.

HB312 (Knowlton) - Defines the term "accident" for the purposes of injuries arising out of or in the course of employment.

HB313 (Waddoups) - Amends the Mobile Home Residency Act and provides for procedures in unlawful detainer actions against residents of mobile homes.


SB201 (Hillyard) - Provides payment of child support into a trust fund if the parent without custody is denied visitation.

SB202 (McMullin) - Requires certain education classes to become a plumber.

SB203 (Tempest) - Provides an affirmation defense to employers for noise-related hearing loss.

SB204 (Carling) - Defines the term "business day" in the Consumer Affairs Sales Practices Act.

SB205 (Richards) - Removes the limitations on paying interest on escrow accounts.

SB206 (Hillyard) - Gives block grant pilot districts greater flexibility in the use of career ladder and transportation funds.

SB207 (Leavitt) - Allocates $5 million to pay for disaster relief, specifically the Quail Creek flood.

SB208 (Tempest) - Creates a re-employment program for injured workers.

SB209 (Tempest) - Defines the crime of burglary of a research facility.