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Despite frigid temperatures in Utah, there have been no cattle or sheep deaths reported to the Utah Department of Agriculture that can be attributed directly to the cold.

Dr. Norman Erekson, assistant state veterinarian, said Tuesday afternoon he has heard reports of cattle and sheep deaths due to the cold in Idaho and other states, "but we've had none in Utah so far.""The cold is especially harsh on newborn and sick animals, and I expect some farm animal deaths will be reported eventually due to the sub-zero temperatures," Erekson said.

"Most farm animals are all right if they can get some shelter from the wind and get to water and feed so they can keep up their energy levels. "

He said he has heard of one ingenious method used by a farmer to keep the water in a West Desert pond from freezing.

"He put a long hose on a propane tank, put the hose out into a pond and turned on the propane tank just enough to allow a little gas to escape. The gas kept the water bubbling and kept the water from freezing."