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The Utah Forum will be host to a reception for Omar Kader, one of the organization's founders, Friday Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Tiffin Room at the University Room. There will be a reception at the 6:30 p.m. for well wishers and friends.

Kader, a Provo native, moved to Washington, D.C., after teaching at Brigham Young University for eight years. In Washington, he has been active in American Middle East foreign policy issues. He owns and operates a high-tech security firm.During the past five years, Kader has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East meeting with government officials to discuss various ways peace could be brought to the region.

Kader believes that peace can come to the Middle East by bringing the two sides together with as much social contact as possible. One of the ways he is actively pursuing this goal is to have more Palestinian students come to this country and learn about America.

"We Americans are the least understood people in the world," he said. "If more people could come and see how we live, how our system works and understand how fair-minded we are, we would have more friends."

The Utah Forum is a discussion group formed in 1977 by Democrats concerned about the growing influence of right-wing extremist involvement in Utah politics. The group meets periodically to discuss issues affecting Utahns and the nation.