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SB220 (Leavitt) - Requires the state auditor to audit and review the Risk Management Fund.

SB221 (Finlinson) - Places a date on indemnifying government employees.

SB222 (Finlinson) - Makes the Public Service Commission responsible for intrastate pipeline safety.

SB223 (McAllister) - Provides for judicial review of administrative rules.

SB224 (Leavitt) - Creates a health care cost communication program.

SB225 (Swan) - Makes technical changes to county personnel law.

SB226 (Hillyard) - Requires conflict of interest statements by a number of state officials and outlaws gifts by lobbyists.

SB227 (Cornaby) - Provides an alternative solution to probate disputes.

SB228 (C.A. Peterson) - Makes several changes in redevelopment district law.

SB229 (Richards) - Establishes a Uniform Determination of Death Act.

SB230 (Pace) - Establishes a notice and hearing in receivership proceedings.

SB231 (McAllister) - Extends the Tort and Insurance Reform Task Force.

SB232 (Pace) - Changes directives in the Living Will Act.

SB233 (Rees) - Provides standards for long-term care insurance.

SB234 (Barlow) - Makes the Job Training Coordination Council comply with federal law.

SB235 (Leavitt) - Delays net reimbursed overhead.

SB236 (Christensen) - Cuts the property tax while resetting the education levy.

SB237 (Christensen) - Changes the provisions of dealing with dishonored instruments.

SB238 (Barlow) - Allows small business to pool resources for health insurance.

SB239 (Pace) - Creates a $50-million bond to remove asbestos.

SB240 (Christensen) - Makes changes to temporary service employee law.

SB241 (C.G. Peterson) - Changes permits in outdoor advertising.

SB242 (Tempest) - Changes how appeals to payment of wages are made.

SB243 (Pace) - Authorizes the attorney general to hire bond counsel for state agencies.

SB244 (Myrin) - Requires a subcontractor to notify a property owner before filing an oil, gas or mining lien.

SB245 (Beattie) - Requires an exempt organization to file an annual information return.

SB246 (Richards) - Changes penalties in selling illegal drugs.

SB247 (McAllister) - Bonds for capital facilities.

SB248 (Hillyard) - The main appropriations bill.

SB249 (Rees) - Quickens repayment of bonds.

SB250 (Hillyard) - A supplemental appropriations bill.

SB251 (Hillyard) - A second appropriations bill.

SB252 (McMullin) - Reduces the sales tax.

SB253 (C.G. Peterson) - Limits state spending and taxation.

SB254 (Cornaby) - Expands the administrative requirements in employment discrimination cases.

SB255 (Pace) - Requires a hazardous waste committee study.

SB256 (C.A. Peterson) - Makes the College of Mines at the University of Utah a division.

SB257 (Pace) - Allows a method for transferring ownership of school buildings.

SB258 (Christensen) - Requires insurance companies to offer optional property damage against uninsured motorists.

SB259 (Hillyard) - Makes technical changes in Title 53.

SB260 (McMullin) - Continues the school districts equalized incentive program.

SB261 (Hillyard) - The School Finance Act.

SB262 (C.A. Peterson) - A second school financing bill.

SB263 (Cornaby) - Creates a district attorney system.

SB264 (Cornaby) - Changes how the state handles runaway children.

SCR9 (Steele) - Promotes the teaching of math and science.

SJR16 (C.G. Peterson) - Urges the completion of the Central Utah Project.

SJR17 (Black) - Pledges support for the Utah State Fair.

SJR18 (Barton) - Endorses the attempts to get conferences to meet in Utah.

SJR19 (McMullin) - Endorses Freedom Awareness Week.

SJR20 (McMullin) - Encourages local governments to impose tax and spending limitation like the state has.

SJR21 (Steele) - Asks that higher and public education officials review their policies on teacher certification.


HB334 (Knowlton) - Extends the date for removing the intangible portion of fair market value.

HB335 (Bradshaw) - Relates to elections, revises Utah election laws to conform with federal legislation governing military and overseas citizens voting procedures.

HB336 (Ostler) - Prescribes procedures for the implementation of negotiated contract rates of public utilities that are gas or electrical corporations.

HB337 (Ockey) - Requires bidding on contracts for improvements in certain improvement districts.

HB338 (Dmitrich) - Provides a credit against corporate franchise and gross receipt tax for purchases of Utah coal under certain circumstances.

HB339 (C. Moody) - Requires legislative approval of the site before hazardous waste operation plans may be approved.

HB340 (Bishop) - Establishes standards and criteria for determining deceptive trade practices.

HB341 (J. Moody) - Allows minors to work as apprentices.

HB342 (Wharton) - Provides that employers must notify injured workers of their rights to benefits; for additional benefits for employees terminated solely because they suffered an industrial injury or occupational disease and for other changes in workers' benefits.

HB343 (Davis) - Provides for a new definition of compensable industrial event for workers' compensation and occupational disease purposes.

HB344 (Wharton) - Clarifies the applicable benefits where an industrial accident aggravates a pre-existing condition and makes other changes to the Workers' Compensation Law.

HB345 (Wharton) - Provides procedures governing investigations and interrogations of peace officers by any law enforcement agency in the state.

HB346 (Atkinson) - Provides for a new definition of compensable industrial event for workers' compensation and occupational disease purposes.

HB347 (Fawson) - Prohibits public officials from stopping or searching persons entering or leaving homeless shelters without reasonable suspicion.

HB348 (Rose) - Prevents discrimination against handicapped persons and provides for remedies against persons engaged in discriminatory activities.

HB349 (Valentine) - Provides for conformity within the securities division with the Utah Administrative Procedures Act and makes other changes.

HB350 (Davis) - Eliminates restrictions so the Industrial Commission may decide the appropriate manner for finding the existence of permanent total disability and eliminates the Social Security retirement offset for recipients of those benefits.

HB351 (Bain) - Adds new substances to the Controlled Substances Act.

HB352 (Wharton) - Provides for written reports evaluating injured workers' needs for vocational rehabilitation and job placement and makes other changes.

HB353 (Wharton) - Expands the maximum benefits payable to provide benefits more closely comparable to average weekly wages being received by the worker prior to the injury and makes other changes.

HB354 (Bain) - Provides for licensure of respiratory care practitioners.

HB355 (Wharton) - Requires in-state adjusters for workers' compensation claims.

HB356 (Wharton) - Eliminates the right of employers or insurance carriers to reimbursements from the employers' reinsurance fund in permanent total disability cases.

HB357 (Lewis) - Revises guidelines for deposit of monies received by the court, provides for allocation of interest and makes other changes.

HB358 (B. Evans) - Provides tax incentives on the restoration of certain railroad equipment.

HB359 (James) - Requires persons who supply material and labor on a building to be paid before the building may be occupied.

HB360 (Bodily) - Provides legislative oversight of restricted revenues.

HB361 (Lewis) - Amends the property tax code.

HB362 (Lewis) - Provides amendments to the life and disability guarantee assocation.

HB363 (Pignanelli) - Prohibits discrimination in employment of homeless persons.

HB364 (James) - Amends existing provisions relating to occupational hazards to include the loss of hearing.

HB365 (Knowlton) - Provides amendments to taxes.

HB366 (Knowlton) - Provides amendments to property taxes.

HB367 (Dmitrich) - Amends the state tax code.

HB368 (Lewis) - Provides for regulation of the transportation of hazardous waste materials.

HB369 (R. Haze Hunter) - Provides bonding for capital facilities.

HB370 (Lewis) - Amends the amount and assessment of sales tax.

HB371 (Lewis) - Amends the amount and structure of the income tax.

HB372 (Goodfellow) - Provides for a bond for capital facilities.

HB373 (Adams) - Provides for bonding of capital facilities.

HB374 (Karras) - Authorizes an interlocal agreement to create a Winter Olympic Games Authority.

HB375 (C. Moody) - Provides for a limitation on the increase of ad val orem tax levies.

HB376 (B. Evans) - Earmarks certain right-of-way fees and taxes for railroad improvements.

HB377 (G. Brown) - Provides appropriations to fund legislative programs.

HB378 (Knowlton) - Amends the tax structure of the state.

HB379 (Brown) - Amends the tax structure of the state.

HB380 (C. Moody) - Amends state government in general.

HB381 (Lewis) - Amends the state insurance code.

HB382 (C. Moody) - Amends the structure of state government.

HB383 (Harward) - Allows credits obtained through service in two or more retirement systems to be added at the time of retirement with no reduction of benefits.

HB384 (C. Moody) - An act relating to the Board of Pardons.

HB385 (C. Moody) - Provides funding and priorities of capital facilities.

HB386 (G. Brown) - Provides funding for the support of state government.

HB387 (G. Brown) - Provides funding for state projects.

HB388 (Holt) - Restricts motor vehicle insurance coverage rate increases.

HB389 (Holt) - Provides for the return of money contributed to property owners associations that cease to function.

HB390 (Lunt) - Modifies the percentage and use of tax increment financing in first-class cities for publicly owned projects, permitting the use of tax increment funds outside of redevelopment.

HB391 (LeBaron) - Provides for the establishment of the Utah State Office of the Visually Handicapped within the Department of Community and Economic Development.

HB392 (Olsen) - Limits the amount of interest and finance charges that may be assessed.

HB393 (Bradshaw) - Clarifies the prohibited employment practices.

HB394 (Ockey) - Modifies the deduction allowed for adoption expenses.

HB395 (Davis) - Requires insurance coverage for the treatment of mental disorders.

HB396 (Wilson) - Requires agencies to obtain legislative approval of all fees and sets up an approval process.

HB397 (Pignanelli) - Amends the offense of "impersonating an officer."

HB398 (Smedley) - Creates a suggestion award program for state officers and employees.

HB399 (Holmes) - Makes anabolic steroids a controlled substance, prohibits the use of steroids in school athletic programs and calls for random testing of student athletes.

HB400 (Ockey) - Changes the requirements regarding the minimum number of directors and incorporators for corporations.

HB401 (Rose) - Requires public contracts that are not let out for bid to be given to Utah contractors.

HB402 (Lewis) - Provides a means an insurer organized under the laws of another state may become a domestic carrier in Utah.

HB403 (R. Hunter) - Requires notification of parents of students when classroom presentations are made concerning sex education.

HB404 (R. Hunter) - Provides for a tax credit to public school teachers.

HB405 (G. Brown) - Provides for funding of the minimum school finance program and requires school boards to impose a minimum basic tax rate in order to receive state funds.

HB406 (Rose) - Directs the Division of Parks and Recreation to issue free camping permits to Utah residents 62 years old or older.

HB407 (R. Evans) - Re-establishes reporting requirements for lobbyists and expands the definition of lobbyists to include legislators.

HCR13 (Karras) - Supports Utah's efforts to host the Winter Olympics.

HCR14 (White) - Honors Elizabeth Vance for her years of service as a member of the Utah House.

HJR29 (Dmitrich) - Commends and encourages the efforts of Bicycle Utah Inc. to promote bicycle tourism in the state.

HJR30 (Pignanelli) - Recommends an interim study concerning the televising of Utah legislative sessions.

HJR31 (Pignanelli) - Encourages the implementation of procedures to ensure non-discrimination in employment.

HR10 (Karras) - Honors the state for hosting the 8th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.