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Senators killed a bill Tuesday that would have restricted a person's ability to sue product manufacturers for personal injury in using their product. Senators then approved a different bill that would return the state's product's liability statutes to where they were in 1977 before the Utah Supreme Court struck them down.

Sen. LeRay McAllister's bill would have placed Utah at the forefront of product liability law in the United States. It would have restricted when a person could sue Utah manufacturers.But Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, an attorney who handles such cases, said it would be ineffective, since any good attorney would sue the manufacturer in courts outside Utah under laws more favorable to his client.

-Senators also approved a bill that would increase the amount of money a victim of crime can get from the state's Victim's Reparations Fund.

Currently there's a $25,000 cap on any award from the fund to a crime victim. But Hillyard's bill increases that to $35,000 for personal injury and $50,000 for permanent injury or death of an immediate relative.