It is important for women to understand their own sexuality, because if they don't they may feel general conflict that will impede their everyday lives, a Salt Lake psychotherapist says.

Dr. Jane Blackwell, who at Wasatch Canyons and Cottonwood hospitals has counseled couples about sexual problems, spoke at the Algie Ballif Forum in the Provo City Building."What I've found in working with patients is that unless we understand that part of ourselves, we feel very much more in conflict generally. I'm amazed at how much we still ignore our sexuality," Blackwell said. "People don't understand their sexuality and they don't feel comfortable about it."

The media has strongly influenced how women feel about themselves, and they are not always getting a positive message, she said.

"We sexualize almost everything, including tires in advertisements," Blackwell said.

Commercials that push products made to alter our bodies give women the idea that something must be changed, she said. "It gives us a connotation about our bodies that it's not OK, that something's wrong."

Many women are tense and uncertain about their identities and social roles, she said. This should be remedied through a better understanding of sexuality.