The Air Force is offering special incentive pay to attract more physicians to the service in fiscal 1989.

"We need 200 physicians in all specialities, but we're paying additional money for general surgeons, urologists, ophthalmologists, ear specialists, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency medical physicians, radiologists, psychiatrists and obstetricians/gynecologists," said Capt. Thomas H. Valley, medical recruiting officer.Specialists in those fields who have fewer than six years experience as a fully qualified specialist since the completion of initial residency training, will receive $10,000. Those with six years or more experience, will get $16,000. Specialists in emergency medicine, radiology and psychiatry will receive $8,000, regardless of experience.

To learn more about Air Force physician opportunities, contact Valley at Building 105, second floor, Fort Douglas, or call 582-0276.