Alzheimer's disease frightens and affects entire families, but one volunteer is doing what she can to bring the disease to public attention and establish support groups for those who provide care to a victim.

Susan Kauffmann has worked diligently to make people aware of the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorder Association - and particularly the northern Utah chapter.Besides appearing on local broadcasts to aid the cause, she researches timely issues, encourages fellow members to discuss the disease with others and also organizes fund raisers and helps write grants.

During a recent Salute to Volunteers program, it was said of Kauffmann: "Susan's determination to improve the quality of care for Alzheimer's patients while easing the care-giver's tremendous task never faltered. Her efforts and sacrifice have been heroic."

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Help Davis County school district with a countywide census.

Teach English as a second language. Train April 1 or 8.

Lay carpet.

Read to blind 18 year old.

Do data entry for KUED fund drive in April.

Read to and tutor blind student. Need computer skills and/or accounting.

Backhoe operator needed for a few hours at detention center.

Organize library for Health Department.

Donate computer skills on a flexible schedule.

Be a receptionist, flexible schedule.

Tutor newly-arriving refugees in English. 25 refugees on a waiting list now.

Provide free-standing shelves to refugee center.

Give vacuum, four dressers and living room furniture for large family.

Provide twin or full bed and kitchen table and chairs for young family.

Donate metal shelves to a food pantry. Also office desk and chair.