More than 300 anti-abortion protesters were arrested and hauled off by the busloads Saturday for blocking entrances at women's medical clinics in a massive coordinated protest in three New England states, police said.

Four busloads of demonstrators in Brookline, Mass., were booked on disorderly conduct charges. Police said most of the arrested were from the anti-abortion movement known as Operation Rescue. Two members of pro-choice groups that staged counter-rallies were also arrested.

About 400 people protested at clinics in Brookline in one of the largest anti-abortion actions in New England in recent months. Other protests took place at abortion advocate Bill Baird's clinic in Boston, a Danbury, Conn., clinic and at the Providence headquarters of Rhode Island Planned Parenthood.

Police reported 82 arrests of demonstrators in Danbury. No problems were reported in Boston or Providence.