A Salt Lake man whom a sheriff's detective shot at following an armed robbery Tuesday remained in the Salt Lake County Jail Wednesday.

Michael Adam Robinson, 26, was arrested after Detective Daryle Ondrak fired a shot into a small truck that had spun out on 13th East near Wilson Avenue (1750 South).The shooting ended a 20-minute pursuit of a suspect in the robbery of a grocery store.

About 11 a.m., a man pulled a submachine gun on the pharmacist in Albertson's, 3865 S. 23rd East, and demanded various narcotics, said sheriff's Capt. Bob Jack.

During the robbery, the bandit fired a shot into the pharmacy wall, "apparently to hurry-up the pharmacist," Jack said.

Shopper Lyn Frohlich was in the store. "I heard a shot, looked around and there was an armed robber with a mask. The pharmacist had his hands in the air."

The bandit then ran out of the store and fled in a small truck, pursued by store employees.

Ondrak, who was driving west on I-80, observed the suspect truck entering the freeway from I-215. The detective chased the vehicle onto northbound 13th East, where it spun out near Wilson Avenue.

"Daryle pulled up along the suspect's right side. The suspect then pointed the (submachine gun) at Daryle."

The detective fired one round from his .357-caliber revolver in self-defense, Jack said.

The shot shattered Ondrak's passenger-side window and struck the suspect's passenger-side door just below the window, Jack said. The round did not hit the suspect.

"The (suspect) then decided he'd better surrender."

Robinson was arrested, questioned and then booked into the county jail for investigation of aggravated robbery.

A loaded MAC-10 submachine gun was recovered from Robinson's vehicle and is being tested by the sheriff's office to determine whether it is capable of being fired as an automatic.