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Barbara Bush has puppy love written all over her face.

Puppy love times six - because that's how many puppies first dog Millie gave birth to about a month ago."I have not named the puppies," Mrs. Bush writes in a cover story in this month's Life magazine. "I know them intimately, but I don't want to give them names and get attached because I want everyone who gets one to name his or her puppy."

The English springer spaniel is a dog without bad habits, the first lady notes.

"I never had a girl dog before. I had boy dogs all my married life. George loves Millie, but she is attached to me," Mrs. Bush says. "She gets White House table scraps when the president slips them to her. He gives her showers - how else do you wash your dog? Every week or two, we climb right in the shower with our dog."

Clean or not, there won't be any more puppies during the Bush tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.," . . . because I think you can ask a household to do this only once," Mrs. Bush said.