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Cottonwood Hospital

BINGHAM, Steven and Tracy A., Salt Lake City, girl.BISHOP, Barton J., and Julie Ann, Midvale, boy.

BURTON, L. Bradley and Sandee L., Salt Lake City, boy.

CALCHERA, Richard and Shellie T., Salt Lake City, girl.

CRAIG, Steve and Alicia, Salt Lake City, boy.

FELL, Donald K., and Monica Lynne, Salt Lake City, girl.

GILES, G. Ray and Annette, Lake Point, boy.

GLADE, R. Daniel and Cathy, Salt Lake City, girl.

GRAHAM, David R., and Nola, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOYT, Mark F., and Lorilee E., Salt Lake City, boy.

IPSON, Dean J., and Toni L., Salt Lake City, girl.

JOHNSON, Jeffrey D., and Paula Ann, Salt Lake City, girl.

KEMP, Rick T., and Traci K., West Jordan, boy.

LEAVITT, Alton Coby and Carol, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEWIS, Michael and Shellie, Diamondville, WY, boy.

MAJOR, Stephanie L., Salt Lake City, boy.

MELVILLE, John and Tracy, Salt Lake City, boy.

POLLOCK, Stephen A., and Maryann, South Jordan, girl.

PULLAN, Michael K., and Terrie N., West Jordan, boy.

SYNDERGAARD, Scott C., and Helen R., Salt Lake City, girl.

VONGSENGXAY, Sammy and Jamie, Salt Lake City, girl.

WOOD, Brett G., and Tamyra A., West Jordan, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ALVEY, Del A., and Malessa, boy.

ANDERSON, Corbin and Patty, girl.

ARSLANIAN, Aram and Carie, girl.

CONNELLY, Kathy and JOHNSON, Carl, girl.

DECKER, Craig and Marian, girl.

DURRANT, Ron and Shauna, boy.

FARNSWORTH, Roger and Cheryl, boy.

FENN, Darryl and Wendy, boy.

GILLIS, Terrell and Rebecca, girl.

JENSEN, Jeff and Julie, girl.

MCALPINE, Daniel and Cheryl, girl.

MCKINNEY, Todd and Barbra, girl.

NISH, Randall and Karen, girl.

PERKO, Steve and Inga, girl.

ROGERS, Jeff and Carole, boy.

SHINN, Jack and Mary, boy.

STENHOLM, Dan and Jane, girl.

WENZ, Steve and Debbie, girl.

WITT, Nelson and Brenda, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BADTEN, David and Rebecca, boy.

BEHL, Sudhir and Florence, girl.

BENTLEY, Daniel and Carolyn, girl.

BILLINGSLEY, Trudy and KELSEY, Stephan, girl. 4-l7-89.

EDDINGTON, John and Suzanne, girl.

EMPEY, Scott and Marie, twin boys.

FAUSTINO, A. L., and Jacqueline, boy.

FETZER, Craig and Mary Ann, boy.

FLETCHER, Kevin and Angela, boy.

HEINER, E. Todd and Janet, girl.

JOHNSEN, Nathan and Ruth, girl.

LARSEN, Steve and Jennifer, girl.

LAURITZEN, Kenneth and Karrie, girl.

LEE, Heesun and WOOK, Jai, boy.

MAATHUIS, Chris and Sandi, girl.

MCREYNOLDS, Wendell and Kim, girl.

MINEAR, Jerry Scott and Joy, boy.

MOYES, Daniel and Paula, girl.

PARRISH, Tracy and Cindy, girl.

PROCTOR, Jeffery and Sue, boy.

SMITH, Jerry and Julie, girl.

STEVENSON, Michael R., and Susan, boy.

TAYLOR, Alan and Tova, boy.

VILCHEZ, Luis and Lisa, girl.

WARTMAN, Paul and Hella, girl.

WILCOX, Scott and Melissa, girl.

WRIGHT, David R., and Terri, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BLANCHARD, Bradley and Kimberley, Murray, boy.

GRIMLEY, Steven and Cathy, Salt Lake City, boy.

HANCEY, Ken and Kathy, Salt Lake City, girl.

LUCERO, Kenneth and Chile, Salt Lake City, boy.

PARK, Todd and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

QUINN, Eddie and Kris, West Valley City, boy.

THOMSON, Daniel and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

UWING, Sidney and Cathie, Salt Lake City, girl.

WILCOCK, Joseph and Linda, West Jordan, girl.

University Medical Center-

BARRETT, Doug and Natalie, girl.

BOWMAN, Roy and Lynn, boy.

DIBBULPH, Greg and Gaylene, boy.

PETERSEN, Robert and Lori, girl.

STEVENSON, Jim and Shelly, boy.

WANG, Jianjue, boy and HSU, Shiu-sian.

ZITTING, Mark and Lori, girl.