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Republican Sens. Steve Symms of Idaho and Orrin Hatch of Utah say the problems of the 1990s could be solved if liberal Democrats did not wield the power they do.

"Democrats have a lock and control of all policy," Symms said. "The ultraleft wing of the House is the big issue."The two lawmakers were the headline speakers Thursday in a fund-raiser for Dane Watkins of Idaho Falls, who ran unsuccessfully for Democratic Rep. Richard Stalling's congressional seat.

Dave Radford, who is chairman of the Young Republicans, estimated that with commitments included, Watkins would make an $8,000 dent in his $40,000 campaign debt.

Hatch said Congress has too many "liberal" Democrats who talk one way to their constituents and vote another way in Washington, D.C.

"The real problem is not the Republican Party, it's the liberals," Hatch said.

The allegations about Democratic House Speaker Jim Wright's improprieties are not nearly as serious as the "constitutional dictatorship" Wright established with his leadership position, Symms said.