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Fire Chief Alan Bybee says investigators may never know where 25 pounds of dynamite found in a South Ogden neighborhood April 30 came from.

The chief said investigators questioned developers and contractors who worked in the Oak Wood Hills subdivision, and none said they knew anything about the dynamite's origin.The highly unstable explosives were found by Dennis Porter as he was clearing debris next to his home.

His discovery triggered evacuation of the subdivision until explosives experts removed the box of dynamite, took it to a gravel pit and detonated it.

Bybee said investigators believe the dynamite may have been forgotten by someone who was trying to blow out tree stumps or clean irrigation ditches in the area, which once had orchards.

"We don't believe there was any malicious involvement," he said, but added that during the subdivision's development, one misplaced blow by a worker's pick or shovel could have caused a tremendous explosion.