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The Utah Departments of Health and Social Services are sponsoring a statewide contest to develop a border design for the "Utah Heirloom Certificate of Live Birth."

The document will meet all the legal standards for a certified copy of a birth certificate. The winner will receive a $300 cash award from the Division of Family Services Children's Trust Fund. A portion of the monies paid to the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics for the heirloom certificate will be given to the Children's Trust Fund for child abuse prevention programs.Any Utah resident may submit a border design for the heirloom certificate. Marketing and art students from high schools and colleges are especially encouraged to participate.

Entries must be 11 inches by 14 inches. The border may be as wide as 2 inches on the sides and up to 3 inches at the top and bottom. The design may include symbols associated with Utah's history. The titles, "State of Utah" and "Certificate of Live Birth" may also be included in the top border. If the design includes more than one color, the art work submitted must be separated for color reproduction.

All entries shall be "photo ready." Designs must be submitted to the Division of Family Services, Children's Trust Fund, Department of Social Services, 150 W. South Temple.

Judges, including advertising and art experts, will select the winning design. All entries become the property of the Utah Children's Trust Fund and will not be returned.

Entries must be submitted between May 1 and Sept. 1.