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It had to happen: logo T-shirts of your favorite television show, past or present.

A company called Logotel Inc. has acquired the rights to manufacture T-shirts and sweat shirts touting any of 41 current or classic shows including "L.A. Law," "M*A*S*H," "Wheel of Fortune" and "Leave It to Beaver."The company, founded last June, was the idea of two former associates in a Washington office of a Wall Street law firm. The two, Eric Henry and Tom Andrews, had just finished a trademark litigation for NBC relating to "St. Elsewhere."

"After seeing the excitement generated by `St. Elsewhere' materials used as evidence in the case," says Henry, they wondered why, with few exceptions, TV logos had never been marketed the way sports team logos are.

"What we have done," he says, "is become a central repository for television logo licenses. We have become the NBA or NFL for these things."