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L. Merrill Riggs, second vice president and branch manager of the Sugar House Office of Zions First National Bank, is this year's president of the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce.

Serving with him as vice president is Wilford Lieber, president of International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory, and as treasurer is Darrel Roberts, a CPA and accounting firm owner.Lester G. Reese continues as executive vice president.

Other members of the board of directors are James A. McGuire, project director for Clark Financial Corp.; Gary D. Lloyd, owner of G&D Tire & Service; Jacques G. Chappuis, vice president and branch manager of the Sugar House branch of First Interstate Bank; Margot C. Kadesche, dean of the Center for Professional Development at Westminster College; Richard W. Aposhian, owner of Aposhian Garage; and John Walton, advertising director for Granite Furniture.)

Riggs outlined his goals and objectives for the chamber for 1989:

1. Completion of beautification projects that have enhanced the Sugar House area. These include the 13th East-I-80 exit project nearing completion by the Utah Department of Transportation. "This area, to be maintained by the Sugar House Park Authority will be the only freeway exit in the state fully landscaped," Riggs said. "It is a great way to come in to Sugar House."

2. Continual improvement of the business district, both in the appearance and the businesses available.

"We have great anchors in Sugar House," Riggs explained, "but we would like to have a broader spectrum of merchants. We are excited about those who have come in to the Sugar House area, and they are helping to make Sugar House better. We recognize that as they get involved, they have a positive impact on the Sugar House community, and in turn, on their own businesses.

"We anticipate that a major development will begin this year in the `power' block between 21st South and 1-80, and Highland Drive and 13th East." He said the beginning of this development will help the rest of Sugar House improve.

"We are supporting efforts to see federal funding released so that the new U.S. Post Office can begin construction on its new facility that is desperately needed," Riggs continued. "We hope that this will begin this year."

3. Improvement of the circulation and parking in the Sugar House business district.

"We hope that the beginning of the improvements in the parking space and access to Sugar House will be visualized by the property owners as a means to improve what we have here," the president declared.

4. Greater inter-action with the residential community in Sugar House. "You don't find any better people that those who live in the Sugar House community," Riggs affirmed. "They are dedicated and hard-working people, who want the best for their community. We appreciate the inter-action with the Community Council and their input to help the business district in Sugar House."

The new president said that Sugar House has a great deal to offer: merchants and residents who care. It has to be the "sweetest place on earth."