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Officials are evaluating the effect of heavy rainfall on the spraying program conducted Thursday to eradicate gypsy moths in the Mount Olympus Cove area.

Joe Beckstrand, pesticide supervisor for the Utah Department of Agriculture, said officials believe the spray, which includes an agent to bond it to plant surfaces and the caterpillar larvae, had sufficient drying time to minimize the rainfall's effect."We don't know just how much rain fell in the cove, and we're making an evaluation now," Beckstrand said Friday. "Normally, if we have four to six hours drying time we are OK, and we had that."

About 300 gallons of the insecticide Bacillus Thuringiensis, or B.t., was sprayed Thursday morning over 1,190 acres east of I-215 between 50th South and 29th South and up Mill Creek Canyon to Tracy Wigwam Boy Scout Camp. About 4,500 homes are located in the area.

Agriculture officials hope the spraying program, which will be repeated next Thursday and the following week, will effectively eliminate the gypsy moth threat. The area is under a quarantine that requires vehicles, especially recreational vehicles, boats and campers, to be inspected before leaving the area.