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Students at West Jordan High School had a chance Tuesday to show off their automobile craftsmanship skills at the first West Jordan High School Car Show.

Held on the lawn in front of the school, the show was a big success, school officials said, and will become an annual event.The all-day affair featured 57 automobiles and pickup trucks and attracted hundreds of students, parents and West Jordan area residents, according to Wayne Hemple, an instructor in the school's vocational education department.

Sponsored by the high school's chapter of the Vocational and Industrial Arts Club of America, the show was judged by members of the Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Top winner was Heath Vicchilli, who won the People's Choice Award and first place in the interior and exterior category with his 1988 Chrysler Conquest.

Other winners include Cory Cahoon, first place in the body and paint division with a 1977 Ford Mustang; Jason Bernards, second place in that division with a 1981 Toyota pickup truck, and Jeff Bonacci, third place with a 1989 Nissan pickup.

Winners in the interior and exterior category were Stephanie Anderson, second place with a 1986 Toyota pickup truck, and Darrell Byers, third place with a 1978 Ford Mustang. Winners in the underhood chassis and suspension category were Gerie Newman, first place with a 1968 Chevrolet pickup; Jeremy Stansfields, second place with a 1989 Pontiac Formula TansAm, and Jason Bernards, third with a 1989 Toyota pickup.

All winners received plaques donated by the West Jordan police and fire departments.

The idea for the car show came from Hemple and assistant vice principal Steve Woods. "We enjoyed car shows when we were kids and we figured West Jordan students would too," Hemple said

One highlight of the all-day car show was a giant barbecue at noon for everyone attending the show. Bob Humberg, another vocational education teacher, cooked huge hamburgers and everybody filled up.