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Alta View Hospital

MOLDER, Matthew and Veronica, Riverton, boy.ROBERTS, Billy and Lynda, Sandy, boy.

WHEELWRIGHT, James and April, Salt Lake City, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BENSON, Craig W., and Teresa L., Salt Lake City, girl.

CARLISLE, Kenneth D., and Malia J., Salt Lake City, boy.

DAVIES, Michael and Rebecca, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEDESMA, David A., and Celeste A., Salt Lake City, boy.

PATHAKIS, Scott and Lori, Sandy, girl.

PURSER, Troy and Jan R., Salt Lake City, girl.

ROBERTS, David W., and Laura, Midvale, boy.

RUDD, Cliver and Robyn, South Jordan, girl.

SMITH, Richard S., and Stephanie A., Salt Lake City, girl.

SUEOKA, Dru and Joni, Salt Lake City, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

DAOU, Ghassan and Sana, Salt Lake City, girl.

CLIFFORD, Richard and Julie, Sandy, girl.

DENSON, Michele and SHANER, Eric, West Valley City, girl.

DOBIE, Brian and Susan, Kearns, girl.

DOWNS, Daryl and Allison, Murray, boy.

EK, Cheryl, Kearns, boy.

GLADDEN, Shawn and Amy, Salt Lake City, boy.

GUEST, Rob and Jill, Heber, boy.

HIGLEY, Lynn and Dana, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUGHES, Eric and Julianna, Murray, boy.

JORGENSEN, Scott and Jodie, Kearns, boy.

LUCERO, Jimmy and Ellen, Salt Lake City, girl.

MITCHELL, Tony and Sonia, Bluffdale, girl.

MONTOYA, Richard and Diane, South Jordan, girl.

OBERER-ACEVEDO, Magan and ACEVEDO, Gary, Salt Lake City, boy.

PETERSON, Shane and Sherri, Bountiful, boy.

PHILLIPS, Ted and Janet, West Jordan, boy.

PRICE, Michelle, Salt Lake City, girl.

SUTTON, Alice and HOWARD, Bruce, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

GODOY, Tracey, boy.

HEIMARK, Laura Morgan, girl.

JEPPSON, Bryan and Teena, girl.

Jordan Valley Holy Cross Hospital-

BRINDLEY, Mont and Lisa, South Jordan, girl.

HANKS, Darrell and Tami, South Jordan, girl.

KING, Lyman and Michelle, Salt Lake City, girl.

NELSON, Jerry and Denise, boy.

OPOULOS, Brent and Valerie, boy.

TIMOTHY, Dwayne and Tracy, West Jordan, boy.

WITTMANN, Dean and Diane, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Ralph and Sharon, boy.

BEHESHTI, Tony and Amy, boy.

COOK, Darrel and Sharon, boy.

CULLIMORE, Kelvyn and Laurie, girl.

DAME, Dennis and Heidi, girl.

DIDIER, Patrick and Karen, girl.

JANOVE, Jathan and Marjorie, boy.

KERR, Carl B., and Cynthia, boy.

POPE, Saia and Luisa, girl.

SANSOM, Michael and Margaret, girl.

SLATER, Doug and Michelle, boy.

SMART, Randy L., and Teri, boy.

SORENSEN, Grant and Kim Mary, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ALLEN, Barry and Keri, West Valley City, girl.

DAZLEY, Wayne and Shonna, West Valley City, boy.

FLEISCHEL, Joseph and Tascile, Riverton, boy.

HARTHUN, Terry and Jaylynn, West Valley City, girl.

HELP, Calvin and Leona, West Valley City, boy.

HEWITT, David and Wanda, West Jordan, girl.

JOHANSON, Daniel and Jenny Ann, West Valley City, girl.

JONES, Christopher and Angela, Salt Lake City, boy.

JULSON, Lynn and Malena, Kearns, girl.

MECHAM, David and Michelle, West Valley City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

AHMU, Percy and DeEtte, Salt Lake City, boy.

BAILEY, Gregory and Joni, Bountiful, boy.

BOOKER, Trent and Jana, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOLLEY, Paul and Kathy, Sandy, boy.

KARG, John and Miki, Sandy, girl.

LUCERO, David and Denise, West Valley City, boy.

MILLS, Kevin and Julie, Midvale, girl.

MYERS, Thomas and Jo Anne, West Jordan, boy.

PERKINS, Frances and Francis, Salt Lake City, boy.

PHILLIPS, Neil and Lori, West Valley City, boy.

RAETZ, Michael and Cherrie, Salt Lake City, girl.

ROBLEY, Robert and Lucinda, West Valley City, girl.

RUSHTON, Douglas and Eneida, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

University Medical Center-

CHASE, Troy and Diane, girl.

LINN, Chuck and Laura, girl.

LOVE, Matthew and Robyn, girl.

WATSON, Mark and Jodene, girl.

WHITAKER, James and Crystal, boy.