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The All-City Children's Orchestra will give two public programs to conclude its 1989 tour. One-hour concerts will be May 16 in the West Jordan Library, 7800 S. 1970 West, and May 24 in the Peterson Library, 9340 S. Seventh East. Both will be at 7 p.m.

Besides these two public concerts, the orchestra has performed in 15 grade schools this year. They will conclude their season with a concert at the Shriner's Hospital on May 27.The orchestra is conducted by Susan Hocking and operates out of the community school at Butler Middle School in Sandy. Each fall, sign-up is announced through the Jordan School District community education booklet, though membership is not limited to residents of the district.

This year's orchestra has about 40 members of elementary school age, who are private instrumental students with note-reading ability. Children have three 8-week sessions yearly, with 16 hours of practice during each session. For information, call the Jordan District, 565-7100, in early September.