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KSFI, FM-100.3 (alias "FM-100") is the most-listened-to Wasatch Front radio station, according to advance reports from Arbitron's winter ratings book.

"FM-100" had a share of 9.8, for listeners age 12-plus, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. until midnight. KKAT (FM-101.9) was second at 8.6 and KCPX was next at a 7.9 share.Rounding out the top 10 are:

4. KSOP (FM-104.3 and AM-1370), 7.5; 5. KSL (AM-1160), 7.0; 6. KISN (FM-97.1 and AM-570), 6.9; 7. KRSP (FM-103.5), 5.6; 8. KBER (FM-106.5), 4.5; 9. KJQN (FM-92.7, 95.5 and 104.9), 3.3; 10. KMGR (FM-107.5), 3.2.

More ratings:

11. KTKK (alias "K-Talk") AM-630, 3.1; 12. KLCY (FM-94.1), 3.0; 13. KLZX (FM-93.3), 2.5; 14. (TIE) KALL (AM-910) and KDAB (FM-101.1), 2.3; 16. KZHT (FM-94.9), 1.7; 17. KDYL (AM-1280), 1.6; 18. KZOL (AM-96.1, AM-960), 1.3; 19. KUTR (AM-860), 1.1; 20. KEMX (AM-1320), 1.0.

In a breakdown among men ages 25-54, KKAT is ranked No. 1, while KSFI is second, KSL third and KRSP fourth.

Among women ages 25-54, KSFI is first, KKAT is second, KSOP is third and KLCY is fourth.

-KMGR (FM-107.5) - Todd McIntosh of Salt Lake City was the station's winner in its "Ultimate Neal Diamond Concert Package" promotion. He receives two front-row seats to the June 16 Salt Lake concert and many other assorted benefits.

The station now has plans for a special Father's Day promotion giveaway.

-KBYU (FM-89.1) will broadcast live the finale to the Utah Opera's season with "Die Fledermaus," May 13 at 7:50 p.m.

-KSL (AM-1160) will broadcast the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals games May 13 starting at 5:50 p.m.