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Blood test results released Friday indicate Detroit Mayor Coleman Young almost certainly is the father of a child born to a former official in his administration.

Results of tests conducted at Lansing's Sparrow Hospital were released at the suburban offices of Noel Keane, an attorney representing Annivory Calvert in her paternity suit against the mayor.Young's attorneys, noting the hospital had been selected by Keane, said they would have no comment until all three institutions conducting tests in the case had reported.

Later Friday morning, however, Keane said a second institution, the Memorial Blood Center of Minnesota, had confirmed the Sparrow Hospital findings. Keane said he was still waiting for a report from the third facility, Cellmark Diagnostics of Germantown, Md.

Calvert - who capped a 10-year city career by serving as executive assistant director for public works - filed suit Jan. 27 claiming Young is the father of her son Joel Loving, 6.

Young, 70, who is running for re-election this year, has neither confirmed nor formally denied being the boy's father. He has admitted dating Calvert, who now serves as the public works director in Fontana, Calif.

Young is twiced divorced, both coming before he became mayor in 1973.

The report from Sparrow Hospital's Paternity Testing Laboratory states there is a "99.9999 percent" chance that Young is the boy's father, adding, "paternity is practically proved."

Keane said the report from the Memorial Blood Center places the likelihood at 99.999 percent.

"It's their ballgame now," Keane said, referring to Young's attorneys. He said they have to decide "whether they want to step forward and acknowledge paternity."