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Mayor Tom Bradley authorized a bank to handle more than $1 million in transportation funds in 1984, five years before the date he claimed he first learned the bank had any business with the city, a federal document revealed.

The document, obtained from the federal Urban Mass Transportation Administration, was an authorization form signed by Bradley in 1984 that allowed $1,339,230 in federal transportation funds earmarked for Los Angeles to be deposited in Far East National Bank.The document was obtained by the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and passed on to City Councilwoman Joan Milke Flores. The councilwoman introduced it during hearings Friday on Bradley's financial dealings.

Bradley, who was paid $18,000 last year for his work as an adviser to Far East National Bank, has said he didn't know until earlier this year that the bank had any dealings with the city.

Bradley's financial dealings with Far East and with Valley Federal Savings & Loan, which paid him $24,000 a year as a board member until he resigned earlier this year, are being investigated by City Attorney James Hahn.

Also Friday, Hahn's office confirmed it has launched a second investigation of Bradley, this one to determine whether the mayor accepted illegal contributions during his re-election campaign earlier this year. Bradley won in a landslide.

"I can say that we have asked the city clerk to provide us with information regarding some campaign contributions from the recently concluded mayoral campaign," said Mike Qualls, a spokesman for Hahn.

City Clerk Elias Martinez said Hahn ordered him to audit certain contributions made to Bradley. He declined to elaborate.

Bradley spokesman Bill Chandler said he was unaware of the city attorney's latest probe. He said Bradley would not discuss it.

"The responsibility would seem to fall on the people who contribute and not the mayor for accepting the money," he said.

Chandler said the mayor would not answer any questions about his involvement with Far East until Hahn has completed that investigation.