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Rival fans clashed during an English soccer game on Saturday, and 16 people were hospitalized with injuries, including a stabbing victim, police said. Police arrested 25 people.

The incident came less than a month after 95 fans died during an April 15 stampede at a soccer game at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield.The game Saturday was between Birmingham and Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Rival fans fought on the field early in the game, resulting in 17 arrests, police said. Another eight people were arrested after the game when they vandalized parked buses near the stadium.

At least 16 people were hospitalized, including one fan who was stabbed, but authorities said none of the injuries appeared serious.

Birmingham fans climbed over a fence and rushed onto the field about 12 minutes into the game as Crystal Palace went ahead 1-0. They were confronted by Crystal Palace supporters, and fights broke out.

The English Soccer League game was stopped immediately. Referee Mike Bodenham ordered the players off the field as seven mounted police arrived to restore order.

The game resumed 27 minutes later and ended in a 4-1 Crystal Palace victory.