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A high-speed, detachable quad-chairlift has arrived at Park City Ski Area and will be in operation for the opening of the 1989-90 winter season, general manager Phil Jones said Friday.

"All the towers and other equipment are in the base parking lot," said Jones. "We'll go up on the mountain Monday to do the final location" of the $2 million ski lift.The lift, with chairs carrying up to four skiers at a time, will replace Park City's old Prospector Lift and the adjacent Lost Prospector Lift. Both those lifts have twin chairs.

The quad lift will cover the distance from the base loading station to the summit in 6 minutes, he said, half the time of the ride on either of the northern Utah resort's two older Prospector lifts.

But, at the loading and unloading stations, it will be traveling at only about one-third the speed of the older lifts.

"It will have an uphill capacity of between 2,800 to 3,000 skiers per hour," Jones said, "compared to the 1,000 to 1,200 skiers per hour of a standard double-chairlift."