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A former Richfield bookkeeper has begun serving a prison sentence for thefts and forgeries, and a Salina insurance agent is facing multiple theft charges.

Mark Raymond Dastrup was sentenced one to 15 years and fined $10,000 for each of 17 second-degree felony theft or forgery counts and to up to five years for a third-degree felony. Sentences will run concurrently. He must also pay $91,957 in restitution and was advised that he will be responsible for any additional amounts that may be found owing through continuing investigations.Dastrup's fines will be suspended if restitution is paid. He was convicted of forging company checks and diverting funds to himself while working for Peterson Distributing in Richfield.

Dastrup was initially charged with 106 counts, but the number was reduced through plea negotiations. He had been taking money since early 1985.

In the Salina case, Robin Mickelson is charged with 24 counts of theft, 19 of which are felonies. A preliminary hearing was set for June 23 after a motion for discovery by the defense was granted in 6th Circuit Court in Richfield.

Mickelson's counsel requested evidence that will be presented by the state, along with copies of checks, drafts, names of witnesses and search warrants.

Nearly $35,000 is alleged to have been placed in Mickelson's personal bank account from premiums paid to him for insurance coverage from Trustco, a Salt Lake insurance firm. The incidents are claimed to have occurred between Nov. 5, 1985, and Dec. 10, 1988.