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"The hardest part of aerobics," says April Wilson of bountiful, "isn't getting your body in shape, "it's getting your body to aerobics class."

Wilson should know.She became ill after her fourth child and decided a good Workout once in a while couldn't hurt. She took an aerobics class and was immediately hooked. Now. several years and two more children later, she is an aerobics instrutor at the Deseret Gym.

"When I got started it made me feel so good I didn't dare to quit," she says, laughing. "Now I'm teaching at the gym four days a week."

She also points out that, since this is a Mother's Day story, her kids would be disappointed without their own paragraph. So here goes.

She's mother of Colby, 16, Chad, 15, Mindy, 14, Mathew, 12, Meggan, 8, and Christopher,4.

April Wilson is married to Mark Wilson, who works in electrical wholesale. They've been married for 18 years. Both are from the Salt Lake area.

She also just moved into a new home and has enjoyed spending some time decorating it.

Her feelings are probably the feelings of every busy mother in the world.

"The hard part is finding time for everything," she says. "With aerobics, it came to the point I needed to make the time."