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Have you ever thought it would be fun to go golfing in the morning, snow skiing in the afternoon and "Indy" car racing in the evening?

Didn't think so.However, five Utah men, in their early 30s and certainly old enough to know better, decided they were going to begin at 6 a.m. Saturday by playing nine holes of golf, and end the day by bowling. Now, that wouldn't be so unusual or newsworthy except that they also crammed 10 other sports activities in between. And still finished before midnight.

The men were Ron Cram, Salt Lake City; his cousin, Kent Cram, Salt Lake City; Nick Nelson, Orem; Jim Reese, Orem; and Lynn Van Roosendaal, Salt Lake City.

It all began when Ron Cram and Nelson were out golfing one day and started talking about some of the adventures they would like to try.

"We started thinking of something that was totally ridiculous," said Nelson, "and this just seemed to fit the bill."

The events, beginning with golf, included dirt biking, snowmobiling, snow skiing, water sliding, parachuting, water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, barrel racing on horseback, car racing and bowling.

Ron Cram said the reason for the challenge was to promote the fact that all those things can be done in a day - particularly in Utah. There aren't many places where that's true, he said.

However, Nelson gave another reason. "We just wanted to see how much we could do in a day and still be conscious, or at least semi-functioning."

When asked if their goal was to achieve macho status, Nelson said, tongue in cheek, "This is more psychotic than macho. We have some severe emotional problems between the five of us."

The men took the Snowbird tram to the top and skied part of the way down, removing their skis when rocks and dirt won out over snow. Then, they just about lost Nelson to jet skiing because he was having too much fun. The threat of hypothermia finally got him out of the water.

A few bruises resulted from the horseback riding, and some bruised egos developed after bowling.

Kent Cram said the events were fun but "the toughest thing was logistics," getting to the right place at the right time. Everything was closely timed to make sure they could finish by midnight.

Several businesses contributed their facilities and services. Among them were Schneiter's Golf Course, Snowbird, Raging Waters, Jet Ski Rentals, Sandy Sports Park, 49th Street Galleria and Arabian Acre Horses. The dynamic five also wore matching shirts provided by Splatter's Ink Tee Shirts.

The all-day event was called the "Die-Athalon" but everyone seemed to be only slightly worse for the wear by the end of the day. Only Reese had any visible bleeding and that was due to an errant water ski.

"I was crossing the wake and before I knew it, I was hit by my ski," said Reese.

The group bowled two games and finished by 11:40 p.m., 20 minutes before their self-imposed deadline. Van Roosendaal bowled a 204. Not bad for a guy who had only three hours of sleep the night before and had just completed 11 active sports.

"Most of these events took a little effort," said Van Roosendaal. "We wanted to make it difficult for someone else to duplicate."

"Next year we hope to involve 60 people and make it a charity event," Kent Cram said. Nelson said he thinks there are plenty of "crazy" poeple out there who would like to join in the fun.