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Members of the Andy Griffith Show Appreciation Society were quick to spot the differences between Mount Airy, N.C., and the fictional town of Mayberry.

The name of Aunt Bea's barbecue restaurant is wrong. The real-life eatery is named Aunt Bee, and the difference matters to a person who's watched and videotaped all 249 episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show.""I noticed that the first thing when I drove into town," said Linda Stewart of Dallas.

Stewart drove in Saturday for the society's annual convention, held in Winston-Salem this weekend. About 350 members took buses 35 miles to Mount Airy, Griffith's hometown and inspiration for some of the names and landmarks of his 1960-68 television show.

Floyd's Barbershop is really named the City Barbershop, but the man there has cut Griffith's hair a few times. The Snappy Grill, next door, really is the Snappy Grill.