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Signetics Corp.'s decision to close its Sacramento operation as part of corporate restructuring and consolidation will mean more jobs at the local plant.

The Sacramento facility, opened in 1981, will close before the end of the year, said Dan Hughes, human resource manager at the firm's Orem plant.The Sacramento facility tests integrated circuits, which are manufactured in Orem and used in the military. The plant also houses marketing and engineering personnel.

Beginning this fall, however, testing operations will be transferred to Orem, along with about half the workers displaced by the plant closure.

Engineering and marketing personnel at the Sacramento plant will be transferred to Signetics headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., while as many as 90 employees involved with testing will be given the opportunity to relocate locally.

If some of them don't wish to relocate, newly created testing jobs at the Orem plant will be opened to local Signetics employees. "We could hire some additional people as well," Hughes said.

Hughes said the Orem plant is the most cost productive of Signetics' four U.S. facilities.

To accommodate the testing operations, Signetics' Orem plant will undergo some interior remodeling. "It's basically just knocking down some walls and moving things around," Hughes said.

"We hope to start construction by the first of June and be finished by September. We will have a few people come out to help with setting up equipment before that."

Relocating the testing operations in Orem will save Signetics both time and money. Currently, circuits assembled in Orem are sent to Sacramento for testing, then returned to Orem for packaging. Starting this fall, the Orem plant will assemble, test and package circuits locally.

"We'll have it all done here now," Hughes said.